Namaste and Welcome to Nepal – The ancient country in Himalaya, and home to Mount Everest.

A country with its profound history and greatly diversified culture, where your eyes can find not only spectacular mountains, rivers and countless historical sites; but also one of the most genuine and welcoming people on earth.

Lying strategically between India and China where human civilization began, a hidden gem, Nepal has always been a sanctuary where you can find inexplicable comfort and energy from the Mother Nature, home to abundant of beautiful flora and fauna.

A mature tourist destination, Nepal, dominated by the world’s most imposing mountains, has always been ready to welcome and embrace people from all over the world with its extraordinary hospitality.

Horse riding will gives you an unique adventure journey in Nepal to make your holiday enjoyable. Due to the country’s geographical features many places in different regions are not accessible by roads. People living in those areas are using horses to travel from place to place, carry food, clothes, medicines and other goods to far, remote areas. Especially in trans-Himalayan region (behind the tall mountain or southern rim of Tibetan plateau) where people have adopted horse riding as a culture and most important means for daily life.

One can enjoy the Horse riding in any part of the country. No matter whether you want a month long horse riding trek or a few hours of galloping, all are available to suite your needs. The good news is that, those who are unable to walk on foot in the trans – Himalayan region can also make their trekking trip to Nepal and explore their imagination.